Powering asset managers around the world. Generate investment ideas, select securities and monitor portfolios confidently with the world’s leading financial advisors.

In today’s evolving marketplace, there are more challenges than ever before, and as an asset manager you contend with a volatile investment climate and intensified competition for clients. You need to generate sound investment ideas, execute flawlessly and respond to clients with timely well-reasoned insights.

Donnie Abbott can help you respond with sophistication and efficiency. Not only do we deliver the trusted financial intelligence necessary to support your business, but we also offer integrated market access and flexible technology solutions that allow you to leverage our value in the way that’s most convenient for you.

Trusted Financial Intelligence

Donnie Abbott is a global leader in providing high-quality financial intelligence to support asset managers. With access to the most comprehensive financial content sets available, you can monitor market developments, research investment and trading ideas and more, all while enjoying the superlative level of insight and perspective that today’s sophisticated investors demand.

Donnie Abbott offers a variety of global asset management solutions to connect with markets to maximize efficiency in execution.

You can access global liquidity via our proprietary and industry partner electronic venues, and connect quickly across our secure and reliable pre-trade networks. Faster price discovery and improved liquidity across more markets and asset classes. Comprehensive services support efficient trade execution and direct access to global liquidity.