The Multi-Asset Solutions team provides a range of services to institutional clients around the world in the fields of portfolio management, asset allocation, asset/liability management, portfolio construction and risk management.

Our Multi-Asset Solutions team investment philosophy is based on the following beliefs:

  • In the long run, fundamental valuations will assert themselves and be the most important driver of returns.
  • In the short term, markets are not completely and globally efficient due to a variety of clientele effects (liquidity requirements, regulatory constraints, mandatory hedging and even simple home biases), providing an opportunity to protect and enhance returns.
  • Investment decisions should be taken with respect to the overall portfolio’s objective.

Therefore, we believe a global multi-asset investment process can deliver on objectives and consistently add value by:

  • Designing the asset allocation to reflect economic climate expectations; and responsively adjusting to market developments.
  • Systematically exploiting market inefficiencies by focusing on key fundamental drivers of returns (Value, Momentum, Carry, Fundamental, and Market Structure).
  • Blending disciplined quantitative underpinnings with qualitative experience and expertise across the broadest possible opportunity set of markets and financial instruments.

We base these view on research (both academic- and market-based) and our experience delivering on client objectives.

Our dedicated team of portfolio managers and analysts are responsible for research, portfolio construction and implementation. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop robust and consistent investment solutions which maximise the likelihood that our client’s will meet their stated investment objectives.