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Our Platinum Portfolio Service is one of our core investment management services offered by Donnie Abbott.

Discipline is the heart of any successful investment strategy, yet it is most often absent from private client portfolios. Instilling discipline at both the portfolio set up stage and the ongoing maintenance eliminates the tug of war between fear and greed that often leads investors to unwittingly buy at the high out of greed and sell at the low out of fear.

Our Platinum Portfolio Service removes the emotion out of the investment process and enforces a disciplined structure to your portfolio management needs. Every asset class has its day and the structured rebalancing across different asset classes enables your portfolio to remain well placed, regardless of the current stage of the economic cycle.

The best performing global offshore fund grew by 591% in the last five years, the worst a loss of 82%. You would have been very perceptive to have invested in the former and unlucky to have held the latter.

Our Platinum Portfolio Service relieves you of the responsibility of researching markets, countries, sectors, managers and currency.